Commercial Services

Cabinets Painting

Painting your cabinets can refresh the look of the whole room. Our team understands the cabinets painting is not just for the kitchen. You can even get your cabinets in the bathrooms refinished and painted. Cabinets and cupboard painting can help fresh the room's look and create the most significant change in any room. Experts will arrive with complete supplies and ensure that all the cupboards and cabinets are finished properly. For cupboard painting, our team can apply different techniques of spraying and painting each door separately. Our team informs the customers about which paint should be used for the cupboards and cabinets. Cupboard paint may be different for each kind of wood and may depend on the client's choice.

Kitchen Paint Service

Tony T Painting understands all the paints that can be applied to various cupboards and can help enhance the look of your kitchen. Our team provides solutions for all kinds of painting needs. We will guide you on what is the best paint for kitchen cabinets. Our team implements the best practices for the paint job for your cabinets and kitchen. We have been in the industry long enough to know what kind of kitchen paints and cupboard paints will work the best for your specific requirement. Our interior designers can work with you to guide you on what kind of paint will enhance the room's look and which will be the best cabinets painting design.


Painting the kitchen cabinets will enhance the vibe of the whole room and bring it together in a way that looks wonderful to you. And since it's one of the most used rooms in the house, you want to make sure it looks brilliant. No one wants to have old and battered wood in their kitchen, and finding the right people to do the job will ensure that you get the best paint for kitchen cabinets. As we have been working in the industry long enough, we know what kind of paint and wood stain will work best with your whole interior design. You can even sit down with our in-house consultant and take guidance on what kind of paint to go with.
Having your cabinets refinished or painted is a better option than having the whole kitchen redone, as it is more cost-effective and a better solution than redoing it all over again. The painting job done by our experts will make your whole room look new and fresh.

Kitchen cabinets get not only dirty but also get greasy from the oils that are used in the cooking. Hence repainting your kitchen cabinets can be a difficult task for a layman. Still, it is our privilege for professionals like us to be able to repaint your kitchen cabinets and make them feel like new again. We intend to provide you with the best cabinets painting services possible. Our professionals will have to inspect your cabinet's conditions. They will inform you then about the way forward on how to go about painting them since the cabinet doors will have to be removed and may be taken off-site for a proper cleaning and sanding down to let the wood underneath shine again. Sanding the wood helps bring the wood back to its original condition and removes all the dirt and paint applied to it. From there, applying fresh paint and stain to it will bring a new shine to it that will enhance the wood and make it almost as good as new. Suppose you are looking for a cabinet painting service near you. In that case, you can always find us by typing "cabinet painters near me" or cabinets painting near me and we will be among the top results on the page.

Painting Laminate Cabinets

For painting laminate cabinets, the process is almost the same as painting wooden cabinets. Both require light sanding and priming. As it helps remove dirt and freshen up the wood. Tony T Painting professionals know how to prime and paint the laminate cabinets and will provide you with satisfying results. Our primary purpose is to ensure client satisfaction. We do our best to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Our on-the-job team keeps you informed of the process to be fully aware of the situation and make changes if you want to, which allows for a better result at the end of the day.