Commercial Services

Wallcovering Service

Wallcovering is just a wallpaper made of textured paper or fabric. It is used in houses and offices to add an aesthetic look to the walls. Tony T Painting LLC has professional staff who can apply the wallcoverings at your place in a flawless manner. Our professionals have provided this service for a long time and know-how to offer the customers the best service. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. Our team will work with you to choose the best wallcovering to suit your room and enhance the whole room. You can work with our in-house consultants in choosing the perfect wall covering, and we will be sure to offer you the best advice we possibly can.

Wallcovering Options

We provide installation services of all kinds, but we also offer the best piece of advice regarding any service, as we provide house color consultants and designers who can guide you on what kind of wallcoverings you should use in various areas of the house or the office. We can provide you with unique wallcovering options for your office and home because of the experience that we have accumulated in the industry in the past years. Our experts and professionals will guide you on what kind of materials to use for which room. We service all kinds of properties, from homes to offices to other kinds of commercial properties. We can meet your expectation in every way we can.

If you intend to install a unique and creative office or room wall covering, consider using cork wallcovering. It is the most stylish and unique yet functional material available in the market. It adds much character to the room and can match any decor as well. It enhances the room's vibes and is available in different kinds of sizes to meet your requirement. As mentioned before, we have been working in the industry long enough to have good knowledge about what kind of materials works best for which room; we can help you create a perfect accent wall using cork wallcovering. as it will stand out more than the usual paint and create a great look for the room. Cork wallcovering can also be used as the ceiling of the room. Our professionals are experienced in both tasks and know how to install cork walls covering the wall and the ceiling. You can rely on us to provide you with the perfect and most satisfying job.

For bathroom wallcovering, you need a material that doesn't fade quickly when dampened or doesn't get affected by humidity. Hence to find suitable wallcovering for your bathroom, you can work with our in-house consultants and designers. They can guide you on what kind of wallcoverings will work best for your bathrooms. As we have been a part of the industry for an extended time, we can source some of the best materials to meet your requirement and ensure that you get the best service. Our team will install the bathroom wallcovering seamlessly and flawlessly, making it perfect for your use.

There are so many different materials available in the market for wallcovering. We have been working in the industry long enough to have worked with all kinds of materials. Our experts can install all kinds of wallcoverings, including vinyl wallcovering. You can work with our in-house designers and consultants in choosing the best wallcovering for your house or your office, and we will provide you with the best designs in the industry. Our experts have been long enough to have fostered excellent relations with the material providers; hence we get the best material for our clients.

Wood Wall Coverings

For wooden wall coverings, you can depend on our team to provide you with the best wall coverings that will suit the room's vibe and make the best accent walls. Wooden wallcoverings are best used as accent walls, and our professionals know how to install wooden wallcoverings. Since wood comes in many shades, you can consult one of our designers or consultants to understand which wood will work best for your room. And our team will be happy to assist you in choosing the best wallcoverings shades for your room or office.

Commercial Wallcovering

We can service any kind of property, including commercial properties. Our team is well versed in all kinds of materials and knows how to work their way around all kinds of materials. When it comes to commercial ceilings and walls services, there are so many designs and styles that can be implemented. Hence do consider working with our in-house designers and consultants to figure out the best commercial wallcoverings for your space.