Exterior Siding

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Exterior siding? for homes has multiple benefits. The most important purpose of exterior siding is aesthetics, and it adds color and definition to your house. The exterior of your home or building is just as important as its foundation or its interiors. That's why so many people emphasize finding just the right house siding for their home or building.

Stone Veneer Siding

We can boost the color of your exterior and allow it to look new again with a clean and vibrant stone veneer and brick veneer siding. Your home will appear brighter and in good condition, depending on the material installed. You can even change the color of your house and add a few architectural details when you're ready for a different look. We offer a number of services in stone veneer siding, thin brick tile, and precast products. Artificial stone veneer siding is long-lasting and durable. We provide the best services that are maintenance-free and more fire-resistant than wood or vinyl siding. House siding needs not be in bright colors to look attractive; the traditional wood color can have a powerful impact.

Black is a color of depth, and black-painted houses convey that you're not afraid to be noticed. Many people also prefer the black siding house, and there's no denying the drama and authority of black homes. Your home is your refuge, private retreat, and most significant investment. Inside and outside, your home is a place to enjoy. If your current siding shows signs of wear and needs replacement, consider our mastic home exterior services. Our exterior wood siding provides homeowners with an intelligent choice for their siding needs.

The old house siding types include shingle siding, plank siding, beveled and rabbited siding, shiplap siding, and board and batten siding. Our extensive collection of fake brick siding and outdoor siding options will help you find the perfect solution to transform your space. An Exterior portfolio is a complete collection of cladding products that will give the face of your home an image you will love.
Our exterior portfolio's unlimited siding design options have been used to create some of the most beautiful homes. Now you can enjoy this same impact with the added value of long-lasting, maintenance-free performance. When you let Tony T Painting handle your siding installation or replacement, the job is done by experienced and certified technicians who only use the most up-to-date and trusted industry techniques.

Types of Siding

We have many types of house siding, such as vinyl siding, wood siding, brick siding, stucco siding, and stone veneer siding. Genuine bricks are made from fire clay and come in different sizes and textures. Brick siding is usually a veneer constructed outside a home's wood-frame structure, with mortar used to hold the bricks together. We also install a membrane between the brick veneer so the water cannot penetrate it. With the exterior wood siding panels, you can quickly increase the total resale value of your home. Even if you don't plan on selling your residence shortly, you can remain confident in the fact that if you do ever decide to sell, you'll more than likely get more for your home than you originally paid for it.

Paint is a great application. It can change the look and adds an aesthetic feel to your home, so it's no wonder that you're considering painting your old exterior siding! If you are worried about going way over budget with vinyl siding replacement, paint is the cheapest option. No matter what type of siding you have, a fresh coat of paint adds more to the aesthetic and beauty of the house. We are also dealing with exterior siding that looks like wood. So, whenever you want to add a glimpse to your house exterior, contact us. We will provide you the best shiplap exterior siding installation services.

It may be utilized as an outside siding or as a wall underlayment or decoration on the exterior of your home. Do you want to have an estimate of the Price of composite exterior siding panels? It is more expensive than 100% synthetic materials like vinyl but less expensive than cedar or other genuine wood goods. Moreover, Do not worry if you don't know the best exterior stain for cedar siding. When you want the authentic look of slightly worn wood with protection, semi-transparent stains are your best choice.

Board and Batten Exterior

Board and batten exterior is a hot trend right now. The style evolved in the United States as a more efficient alternative to the log cabin. Our designers can play with the batten spacing and incorporate other materials or siding profiles to create modern and more traditional looks. The board and batten siding has many advantages, such as they are long-lasting, visually appealing, increases curb appeal, and is more versatile. Suppose you're thinking about designing a modern farmhouse that uses board and batten siding for the entire fa├žade. In that case, Our experts recommend wider spacing to achieve an elegant, stylish aesthetic that doesn't look too busy. We are also offering services regarding exterior shiplap siding.


By combining superior stability and durability with the beauty of natural wood, you can achieve the look and the performance you want from your exterior wood panel. Our exterior plywood siding services offer up a beautiful rustic look. When appropriately treated, plywood siding is attractive and durable, not to more environmentally friendly than vinyl or fiber cement. To keep moisture and termites at bay, it may be readily painted or stained, sealed, and coated. In the event of a fire, fire-retardant plywood will decrease smoke and delay the spread of flames. We will assist you in choosing high-grade plywood and smoother-looking plywood. Exterior siding panels, usually faced with pine or fir, are more waterproof than standard plywood siding.