How Long to Let Deck Dry Before Staining

Deck Staining Service

Your deck is a significant part of your home. It’s where you spend warm summer evenings relaxing with your family and weekends sharing a barbeque with your friends and neighbors. You want the material of your deck to last as long as possible and to weather summer storms and winter elements. The best way to protect your deck is to have it stained regularly. The deck staining professionals at Tony T Painting have helped countless homeowners keep their decks weather-resistant and visually appealing through their deck staining services.

Your home’s curb appeal isn’t limited to the color of your house or the quality of your petunias. A well-maintained deck, patio, and fence can significantly improve the impression your home makes on your friends, family, neighbors, and potential buyers. Deck painting or deck refinishing can make all the difference, providing instant curb appeal without requiring a total yard overhaul. At least, that’s the case when you hire our company to do the challenging part for you!

Suppose you have an older home or live in an area that gets relatively extreme weather. In that case, it’s wise to re-stain your deck every so often to ensure that it remains in pristine condition. While some weathering is to be expected, regularly deck staining can help you avoid excessive damage. We offer free firm quotes, so you always know the total cost of your service before we ever begin. We have paved our way for being among the best deck staining companies due to our professional and affordable services.

If your deck looks a little worse for wear, turn to the deck restoration experts at Tony T Painting! We can handle a full range of professional deck staining services. We can help you stain a brand new deck, re-stain a weather-worn deck, fence staining, and even direct you to the experts that will help you select a stain in a new color to better complement your house and personal tastes. A fresh deck staining can make all the difference between an old, worn-out-looking deck and a beautiful, entertainment-ready outdoor space.

After periods of heavy rain, intense heat, high winds, or other weather events, it’s wise to have your deck re-stained. Likewise, if you have recently had a new deck installed, you’ll want to make sure it’s stained to prevent damage and extend its lifespan. Following are the some of benefits of deck staining services:

  • Improved aesthetic appeal
  • Prevents further weather damage
  • Updates the look and feel of your deck
  • Increase the lifespan of your deck
  • Protects the wood from heat and water damage
  • Allows us to inspect for and repair damage
  • Prepares your deck for frequent use
  • Reduces Moisture

Our Deck Staining Process

Deck staining and deck refinishing are not as easy as some homeowners assume—and it is not always in your best interest to do it yourself. It is far too easy to damage the deck by zealously power washing it, applying a stain to wood that is or already rotten, or deck staining before it is dry.

Our process includes these main steps:


We’ll help you decide the best plan of action according to your wants and budget. We will also guide you about the color selection of stains.


This step includes cleaning, sanding, and restoration because the wood needs to be free of dirt for the stain to adhere properly.

Selection of Stain Type

Deck stains range from essentially colorless to opaque, and we choose the right one considering the age of the surface we’re staining and how long you want the new stain to last.

Stain application

We apply two coats of stain to ensure there are no missed spots and get a more uniform finish.


Our team does the final inspection after the stain has dried to ensure that staining is done perfectly and your every demand is fulfilled.

Our deck staining services are designed to be efficient and deliver a quality product that meets our quality standards every time. We are your best choice for your search deck staining near me.

Deck and Floor Refinishing Service

Begin planning for your deck staining or sanding and refinishing hardwood floors with a look at our variety of services. We specialize in projects from repairing decks to construction and upkeep. Tony T Painting also provides deck repair services by using deck repair paint. When you have hardwood flooring in your home, it is only natural that they sustain wear and tear over time. This can happen due to furniture legs dragging across the surface, causing scratches or dropping heavy items on the floor, putting dents in the material. At Tony T Painting, our team recommends stripping and refinishing wood doors as needed to help them look as good as new again.

Contact us today for the most reasonable deck refinishing cost. Our cost to sand and refinish floors is easily affordable. We believe in facilitating our clients to complete their refinishing work within their budget.

Deck Staining VS. Deck Painting

Finishing a newly installed wooden deck or refinishing an older one will protect it from moisture- and weather-related damage and prolong its lifespan. While both exterior paint and wood stain can do the job, the two popular finishes differ in many terms.

A deck stain product is applied to the surface of the wood, helping to protect and preserve your deck. If your deck is made of wood, you will need to use a deck stain to refinish the surface, based on the unique recommendations for the type of wood used. Following are the pros of deck staining service:

  • Stain is more budget-friendly.
  • Stain offers a natural look.
  • Stain can easily be painted.
  • Stain is easier to apply.

If you are going for a complete covering of the wood, you need to consider the differences between a solid stain and paint for a deck. Painting can be a great option because you have various color options, making it easy to match the deck color with the rest of your home exterior. Following are the pros of deck painting:

  • Paint offers more variety.
  • Paint lasts longer.
  • Paint is easier to maintain.

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Our deck staining services will make it one of the highlights of your home, reducing the need for repairs and frequent maintenance. To learn more about the process, contact Tony T Painting today.