Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy flooring commonly uses for commercial and industrial flooring. It applies over the concrete floors to provide high-quality performance, smooth, and durable surfaces that can last many years and withstand heavy loads. Many buildings depend on concrete floor paint/epoxy floors to maintain clean and safe workers, equipment, and inventory. Tony T painting is providing high-performance epoxy resin floor materials. We specialize in creating unique epoxy concrete floor finish, food-grade epoxy flooring, floor paint, leggari epoxy designs for garage floor coating, homes, and buildings. We love challenging jobs and tasks as much as smaller projects, and we also specialize in repairing epoxy floor coating. We are experts at installing epoxy basement floor, garage epoxy, metallic epoxy floor, or where you want to install. Epoxy flooring can last much longer than a traditional concrete floor. It protects your floor from chemical damages. These floors are ideal for medical centers, laboratories, commercial kitchens, manufacturing plants, etc.

Epoxy garage floor coating is commonly sold in kits that include the two-part Epoxy, etching solution, and decorative color chips, as well as complete instructions. Some kits also have an online link for instructions. Color choice is very limited, as many coatings are simply gray, while some are brown or off-white. Check the contents of the kit, so you know which additional supplies are required. Epoxy garage floor coatings work best on a concrete floor that is in good shape, without serious cracks, chips, or spalls. A brand-new concrete slab is best, but older slabs can work fine if you first do whatever repair and patching work is called for. Most minor cracks and chips can be easily repaired with any concrete patching product. Please make sure the patched areas dry and cure fully before applying Epoxy over them. After fixing, ensure that the concrete is degreased and properly etched, as directed by the manufacturer or the Epoxy.

Epoxy flooring is designed to be structurally hardy and durable. It's applied on top of concrete to give it a hard-plastic finish. This chemical mixture composes it by mixing two components: a resin and a hardening agent. Professional flooring supply and Epoxy are more affordable options for places like residential garages or 3 car garages. On average, you can expect to pay about $3 to $7 per square foot. As with any project, the overall epoxy garage floor cost will depend on the size of the area that you need to cover. Epoxy is sold in gallon-size buckets, so you'll need to figure out the number of buckets you need for your project and then weigh your options to determine if it is worth the money to you. Industrial grade epoxy flooring is the best choice to increase the value and performance of your business or industrial buildings.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

Industrial grade epoxy floor coating is becoming more and more popular in today's world, with its wide variety of types. Following are the types of epoxy floor:

Leggari epoxy flooring

Leggari epoxy floors are also known as chip floors or broadcast floors. It is a unique way to add color to any space. It is a multicolor epoxy flooring that applies to wet flake flooring. It provides a different and eye-catching look every time.

Solvent-based coating floor epoxy

This type of coating uses solvents when applies on the floor as a primer. It contains solid from 30-75%, which gives you a really thin layer.

Epoxy anti-static flooring

This type of coating is used in labs, hospitals, and manufacturing buildings.

Graveled epoxy flooring

It is customizable and decorative epoxy flooring. It is available in highly appealing designs. You can use it to add brand marks, decorative details, and even logotypes to the floor.

How to Epoxy a Garage Floor?

Clean and Degrease the Floor

Use a broom and wet-dry vacuum to clean debris from the floor. Remove grease with a degreaser and a stiff brush. Rinse the degreaser with a garden hose and allow the floor to dry.

Etch the Concrete

Etch the concrete floor using the etching solution provided in the epoxy coating kit, following the manufacturer's directions. Wear all recommended safety gear. Mix the etching solution with water as directed. Pour the solution onto the floor and work it in with a stiff brush or broom. Let the concrete dry completely, which may take several days.

Mix the Epoxy

A two-part epoxy consists of a catalyst and a resin, which must be mixed just before application. Stir the paint a bit, then begin pouring the trigger in a while, continuing to stir. Once the catalyst container has been emptied, go for another two or three minutes until the two parts are thoroughly mixed. Put the lid back on the mixture and let it rest for the amount of time specified by the manufacturer, which will vary depending on the temperature. If you are using decorative color chips, do not add them to the mix.

Apply the Epoxy

Start applying the coating as soon as the epoxy mix is ready. You will have no more than two hours to use the Epoxy and even less time in hot weather. Keep the garage well-ventilated throughout the application and initial curing. If you are applying a second coat, wait at least 12 hours before application.

Let the Garage Floor Dry

Don't start walking on the new epoxy surface for at least 24 hours, and plan to wait at least several more days before pulling the car back into the garage.

Why Epoxy Garage Floor?

Appearance and Covering Defects

Epoxy floor coatings transform spaces into complete and sleek areas. Whether a garage is part of your business or your home's garage needed sprucing up, an epoxy coating will produce an elegant look


Epoxy is an affordable option compared to current flooring removal, new tile or vinyl, and additional installation costs.


Fortify your basement, laundry room, or garage floor with an epoxy coating because it can block harmful elements that are sure to encroach on high-traffic spaces. It bears the brunt of heavy shock, heat, chemicals, and water. It's perfect for garages since cars can emit many corrosive chemicals.


This water-resistant substance keeps your floor from distortion due to flooding or spills. Depending on the kind of Epoxy, some surfaces may be more slippery than others when the water does not soak into the floor.


After the initial installation, Epoxy will not need to be redone for an extended amount of time. The coating endures longer than tile, carpet, and wood flooring because of its resistance to shock, water, and even stains.

Compatible With Vehicles

Garage floor epoxy fits vehicle needs, as well. It keeps vehicles and their tires in top shape with its uniform surface.

How to Apply Garage Floor Epoxy?

Epoxy floor coating can be used on various floors, including tile, vinyl, and metal. Still, it's most commonly used to coat concrete floors. The process of preparing a floor for an epoxy coating is equally as important as the installation process. Here are some aspects of preparing the garage floor: Testing for moisture, harmful chemicals, and oil deposits, possibly removing old floor coatings, repairing the surface, Cleaning the floor before the mechanical surface preparation. If a floor is not carefully prepared before adding Epoxy, then it will not last. During the installation phase, one of the most important things a contractor can do is maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level. This helps the floor to cure properly after the installation.

How to Clean the Epoxy Garage Floor?

Epoxy floor coatings or self-leveling Epoxy are a tough and durable floor coating/floor paint used in multiple applications; garage floors, sunroom floors, high traffic hallways, and walkways or warehouses. A durable epoxy surface makes a great choice for a flooring surface in areas where machinery and other large tools are being used. Even when these heavy objects are being shifted around on the floor continuously, the epoxy floor surface will maintain a very high luster. Epoxy floors are pretty easy to maintain as long as you follow some ground rules.

  • Keep the surfaces dirt and grit free
  • Clean the oil, car chemical, other chemicals, and stains
  • Sweep and vacuum the entire epoxy area regularly

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