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Chair Rail Wainscoting

Are you searching for chair rail wainscoting? Do you have any confusion about wainscot chair rail molding? We observed that people get confused about these terms. So we decide to clear your confusion about chair rail and wainscoting. These are the two architectural terms used in modern houses. Wainscoting is a decorative paneling that applies to the wall. It makes with wood, often by oak wood. On the other hand, a chair rail is a strip of molding. It applies to the lower half of the wall as a most decorative element.

Types of Materials

Chair rail wainscoting is available in different materials. You can buy it according to your budget and taste.

  • Wood: This material requires careful installation and finishing to prevent the cracks and gaps caused by seasonal expansion and contraction.
  • Medium-density fiberboard: this material doesn’t expand, contract, warp, split, and knot. But you have to keep it away with water.
  • Cellular plastic: It looks like painted wood, but in actual it is solid plastic. It is ideal for kitchen and laundry spacing.
  • Plywood: It is a long, wide sheet and easy to install. You can easily glue it to the wall.

It is the art to apply this architectural term in a perfect position within the room. We are here to guide you about the chair rail height wainscoting. Usually, the height should be a third of the walls’ height, including the cap or any chair rail paneling. It means that if you have 9-foot walls, then 3-foot or 36-inches wainscoting will look fabulous. You can scale down to about 32-inches for rooms with 8-foot walls. These terms protect your walls from moisture damage and bolstering insulation.

It is a popular type of wainscot paneling. It usually installs in the kitchen, hallway, and bathrooms. You can add character and charm to a home with a beadboard chair rail. It transforms the look of your wall. You can paint and the chair rail in a different color or shapes. You can build columns, add beadboards, and hang the pictures, plate rails for extra detail around your home. Contact us now. Our advisors and experts are available for you 24/7. They know how to create a modern kitchen for you. They can add beauty to your house by using the chair rail and wainscoting.

Tony T painting provides you chair rail wainscoting and its services at affordable prices. We believe in the best quality material. We guarantee our material’s quality and assure you that you get long-lasting results from our services and material. We have a money-back special offer for our consumers. If you want to customize chair rail paneling, then the cost varies according to it.

Chair Rail and Wainscoting Ideas

We are going to tell you some inspiring chair rail and wainscoting ideas for your home. Let’s jump into it.
  • Add multiple layers of chair rail paneling:

It is the most attractive way to applying the chair rail molding in your house. You can use this chair rail wainscoting idea in your bedrooms or bathrooms. It helps to creates a luxurious feeling in your rooms.

  • Create a bold color scheme:

Create a bold and colorful scheme on the chair rail molding is one of the best ways to improve your home appearance.

  • Use it for an alternative project:

You can use it in different areas of your house, such as you can use these terms to create a fireplace or a hand-painted craft.

  • Install it on indoor columns:

You can use it on both the walls and rooms’ columns. It produces a consistent and seamless feeling throughout the whole space. There is more to talk about it. A single paragraph or article doesn’t cover all the information about it. A chair rail is an elegant way to add a finished look and warm feel to any room of your house.

DIY Chair Rail Wainscoting

You can also use the DIY chair rail wainscoting in your home. Tony t painting experts are there for you to educate you on how to install it. We right some tools and steps to guide you that how to use DIY at home.

  • First of all, you have these tools in your home: sandpaper, handsaw, pneumatic nailer, nail set, tape measure, paintbrush, miter saw, hammer, wood glue, interior wall paint, chair rail molding, nails, wood filler.
  • Take measurements.
  • Mark and cut the molding.
  • Please attach it to the wall.
  • Smooth the surface and apply the paint.

Moreover, we suggest you that hire a professional if you are doing it for the first time. It is not that simple. An expert can do it better for you.

Purchase from Us

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